Partial Nephrectomy

Partial Nephrectomy

Partial Nephrectomy
This open partial nephrectomy clearly shows the area where the renal cell carcinoma tumor was removed from the kidney.[more]


Robotics Partial Nephrectomy
The advantages of a da Vinci partial nephrectomy: magnified 3D video imaging with zoom in and pan out, 360° micro-fine movement, less scaring, faster recovery time.[more]


Kidney surgery for renal cell carcinoma includes removing the entire kidney (above) which is called a radical nephrectomy.[more]

Complex Surgery

Complex Partial Nephrectomy
Removing small kidney tumors (above) is the norm, to remove tumors that are large, in the renal pelvis, next to the renal artery, or many kidney tumors call Dr. Bianco.[more]

Kidney Health

Kidney Cancer Symptoms
A partial nephrectomy was successfully performed by Dr. Bianco on the kidney tumor in the above MRI pictures.[more]


Partial Nephrectomy
Urology Specialists Dr. Fernando Bianco, kidney saving complex partial nephrectomies and da Vinci Prostatectomy and BPH, and Dr. Edward Gheiler, ED and urinary problems. [more]

Partial Nephrectomy

Partial nephrectomy is a kidney surgery to remove a kidney mass of renal cell carcinoma in order to save the kidney and maintain the many lifesaving kidney functions. Statistics over the last decade show that patients that have a radical nephrectomy vs. a partial nephrectomy have increased risk of chronic kidney disease, and a significant risk factor for cardiovascular (CV) events and death. Miami urologist, Dr. Fernando Bianco, whose career has been attuned to the highest level of kidney cancer treatment, is one of the few doctors trained in performing a partial nephrectomy that removes multiple kidney tumors to save the kidney. The kidney (see “what is a kidney?”) performs many critical tasks that keep us alive. The kidney helps to regulate our red blood cell production, pH levels, fluid volume, blood pressure, and to filter water and waste products out of our blood which creates urine. One of the most important things to do when faced with renal cell carcinoma is to ask the urologist if they have been trained to perform: multiple tumor removal, large tumor removal, removal of tumors in the renal pelvis, and kidney tumors next to the renal artery.

Partial nephrectomy also called nephron-sparing surgery (NSS) is performed by urology specialists called urologists. Removing or treating a cancerous kidney mass (cancer rinon) may be performed quite differently according to the stage of the cancer, the individuals preferences, the capabilities of the medical center, the training and capability of the surgeon. Urology treatments and surgeries for renal cell carcinoma have evolved, along with diagnostic testing for kidney tumors. A partial nephrectomy can be performed as an open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery also called da Vinci surgery. The urologic surgery for kidney cancer that is performed the most is the standard radical nephrectomy (nefrectomia) because many urology surgeons have not been trained in complex partial nephrectomy surgery, which allows for tumors near the renal arteries and renal pelvis to be removed safely, saving the kidney. Our team, of robotic partial nephrectomy surgeons, has performed thousands of complex bladder surgery, prostate surgery, and kidney surgery cases for patients from around the world.

Partial nephrectomy is replacing the radical nephrectomy (see what is a nephrectomy) as the gold standard of kidney cancer surgery. Peruse the 70 medical topics on the right that have been created by the Florida urology specialists and Holistic Specialists in order to give out information on how to prevent, diagnose, treat, and recover from medical disorders. Your best chance of maintaining your health is with a proper diet, exercise, sleep, socialization, and regular medical check-ups. Natural alternative medicine is an online store for herbal supplements. For an appointment to have your kidney cancer surgery or second opinion you can call (305) 822-7227 or request an appointment online for the day and time that fits your schedule. Our international clients can also call: Argentina: 6090-2397, Chile: 581.3467, Colombia: 508.2419, Mexico: 4624.2465, Panama: 836.5419, and Venezuela: 335.5080.


Partial Nephrectomy (continued)

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Partial Nephrectomy
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